Pop up cafe on the corner

Always popping up something special

The cafe on the corner of The Redwood is now running as a Pop Up shop! Currently serving Ed’s Real Scoop, Eat My Shortbread, Succulent Sweets, and Alternative Grounds coffee on brew. Pop in and check out what’s new at the cafe.

This season, we are popping up the Inventors Nest Cafe. The Nest Cafe serves the theatre as a gift shop, a snack shop, and a hang out spot for those coming to shows, classes, or events at The Redwood. Located on the corner of Redwood and Gerrard, the Nest Cafe is open from Noon – 9pm Monday to Friday, and 4pm to 9pm Weekends and holidays.

Coffee is key

Good coffee is so important to us. While the cafe offers many different products, services, and functions, we are always trying to be more innovative, fun, and aware of the environment, the neighborhood, and everything! The Inventors Nest Cafe is the current keeper of the Cafe @ The Redwood. Visit us and see new things pop up all the time!

Contact The Nest Cafe: info@theredwood.org